USB Hardware Communication Issue

I have 12 Bettermaker EQs; 4 EQ542s and 8 EQ502Ps. I cannot get cubase 10 does not make the usb connection with the EQ502Ps on new instances. It retains the usb connection when opening a C9.5 project. However it fails if I delete a working instance then try to re-add it. The hardware pieces show up as they should in the studio setup/midi port setup dialog.

A few notes:

Everything works fine in cubase 9.5
EQ542s sometimes work in cubase 10
I will not be able to use cubase 10 untill this is fixed. I have a 10k investment in this hardware. This needs to work.

I have the same issue… Following for a reply?

Hi Nick,
I don’t have the issue anymore but I don’t know what solved it. It’s been too long. Sorry I could not be more help.