USB Hotplug and LAN Scan causes hickup

When Cubase added the feature of USB hotpluggin (i believe since V8) i immediately noticed the problem that because of Cubase looking for new USB Midi devices everytime something changes in the system or network i get a hickup of about 5 seconds.
This can ruin Audio recordings and also stopps any MIDI inputs.

I hoped this issue would have been solved by Cubase 10
Steinberg could at least have added an option to disable hotplugging in C 10 since many users reported similar issues.Not everyone thought of USB Hotplug being the reason thoug.

I again just unplugged every single USB device but still get a USB refresh in C10 every few minutes.
The main problem is that cubase reacts to every ever so minor change in the System.

Here are a few thing that i noticed triggering it :

Any Kind of USB device (Of course), Also some wireless Mice after they went power saving.
Every device that is somehow connected to the system can trigger it basically.

Every Lan or Wlan device.
This includes checking your smartphone, turning it off/on, or even after any smartphone or tablet have been charged to full, i get a hickup, as long as everything is connected to the same router.

A router refresh (happens at least 2 times a day)

Basically anything that happens on your network like turning another device on or off causes a cubase Hickup. Also bluetooth devices trigger it.

Sometimes my motherboard or windowsd does a device refresh for no aparrent reason and this also triggers the mentioned hickup.

This happens on 3 different systems. one of them being a notebook.

The easiest fix would basically be to let the user turn off automatic hotplugging inside cubase and instead let me choos manually to refresh it.
Here are the simple repeatable steps :

Open project and record a midi track. Now connect or disconnect anything to the Computer or network and notice the recording hang for a few seconds.