USB hub problem

When using Cubase with a Macbook, the lack of USB sockets is a problem. The main issue is that if you use a hard drive, sound card (in my case a Steinberg UR22) and the (most annoying item I have ever bought) ‘Cubase Dongle’ you don’t have enough sockets. I bought an Advent 4 way USB socket to solve my problem but it doesn’t register the Soundcard through the Advent. The hard drive won’t register unless it’s plugged directly into one of the sockets on the Macbook. Does anybody have a solution? shall i just write off the £500 and get Logic instead?

You seem to be pointing this problem at Cubase when you should be pointing the problem at your Macbook. Get a laptop with more usb sockets. You’ve wasted a lot more than £500 on a machine that doesn’t do the job for you.

The problem is the cheapie USB hub you bought. Also, note that I moved your post. Start your own thread for your own questions.

Try a powered usb hub.

I am on the edge of buying a MacBook. I cannot go up.
Obviously they need a hub with the Cubase dongle.
Will the dongle work with a hub. It seems a cheap hub is not good, but are there hubs that will work.
Anyone had success with a powered hub?

Yeah, I’ve had my dongle on a powered hub for over a decade without any issues even though I don’t run it with the power supply connected. Apparently my PC supplies enough power on its own to run 2 dongles & a Flashdisk. But if a problem cropped up I’m sure plugging it in would fix it. Not sure how this varies in Mac-land.