USB interface is causing Cubase to lockup, crash laptop

I am a novice/hobbyist so be gentle on me. I will provide as much information as I can.

I am using a Scarlett 2i4 USB interface with Cubase 7 on a Dell laptop running Windows 10. Sorry I don’t have specific hardware information but the laptop specs should not be a problem. With Cubase open, the Scarlett will unexpectedly lose power momentarily then come right back up. After it is back up, there is no audio like the interface is not connected.

Normally, I would save my project and close Cubase but this causes it to crash my computer. Yesterday, I found that when this happens if I go to device setup, switch drivers, the switch back to the Scarlett drivers, it comes back up and works temporarily for an unspecified amount of time after which it inevitably does the exact same thing. I am sorry if my terminology is incorrect as I don’t have access to Cubase right now.

I recently moved Cubase from a different laptop running Windows 7 that did not have this issue so I assume it has something to do with my laptop hardware configurations or settings. Any ideas?

I just wanted to add that I have made sure that my USB ports are not losing power as that was my first thought. I have also chosen to run the ‘Cubase’ power scheme from device properties. I realize that this could be a super easy fix so any help would be extremely appreciated.

EDIT - The interface may need a new driver to work better with Windows 10. I hope this is the fix…

Not the fix but the issue does appear to be related to interoperability between the Focusrite interface and Windows 10


Check, if Focusrite is Win10 compatible, first, please.

Then, if the Audio Device is disconnected (even for very short time), it causes issues. But it’s necessary to solve it on the Audio Device side. Cunase cannot solve it. The connection míst be absolutely stable.

The focusrite is compatible with Windows 10 and I confirmed that the driver is up to date but it still is having the same issue. They have beta drivers but have not responded to me. Other than changing to Windows 7, I am not sure what to do.