USB key needed for Elicenser ??

im new with all of those software things …
i just bought a scarlett package and i need to activate my cubase with the elicenser…
i downloaded the elicense control system and when i enter my activation code there tellin
me that there’S no usb elicenser connected to my computer … i want to know
do i really need a elicense usb KEY thats goes in the usb port for me to be able to activate my
cubase element???

Hi and welcome,

It depends on the Cubase version, you have. If you have Cubase LE (which comes with Scarlett), AI, or Elements, you don’t need to use the hardware USB key (USB-eLicenser). The license is stored on your hard drive, as a Soft-eLicenser.

Please, make sure, you have the latest eLicenser Control Center, which you can download here.