USB Latency

I’ve just bought a Komplete Audio 6 USB interface and at 44100 and 256 samples the cubase latency is 8mm in and 10mm out.
using the Native Instruments panel the system latency is 100
Are the latency values in Cubase too high for recording ?
If i use my M-Audio 2496 soundcard the input and output latency values are both 6 which I have found to be OK.
So should i dump the KA 6 i’ve just bought and stick with the soundcard or keep trying to find a decent USB interface ?

Hi there

I used it have a Komplete audio 6 and found it excellent. Used it live for a long time. I think mine was set at 128 or 192 samples, can’t remember. Changed it because of the number of inputs, I needed more. It’s a good machine, but then the Maudio ain’t bad either, it really is how you use them, you don’t automatically get a better sound with a better interface (although in the long run you will), it takes attention to detail.

Best Regards, Dave

Thanks Dave, I was expecting the latency values to be lower after reading various comments on different forums.

Did you install the delta 2496 driver (6.0.8) using compatibility mode windows 7?
This way I get in=3.9ms, out=3.5ms at 128.

I installed Delta 6.0.8 but i didn’t use the compatability mode.
Thanks i’ll try that tomorrow

I’ve just re read this and yes it’s the same here.
I’m trying to get a USB interface to do a better job but unless i spend big money it doesn’t seems possible.

The amount of latency you get is almost all due to the interface’s software driver, not the interface itself.

As most of us already know - the trade off of low latency is stability - the lower the latency the greater chance of audio dropouts. This makes for some hard choices when recording. (Latency isn’t as critical for play-back only)

On the low end - you need to reduce plugin processing as much as possible for a good take w/o dropouts. Things you can do is freeze tracks, use offline processing, disable effects. If disabling an effect isn’t an option, consider bouncing the track in question. If the performer being recorded needs a headphone cue - try to limit any effects there. Some may want to hear themselves with reverb - use the simplest reverb with the least latency you can find, but record the performer dry and you can use a better reverb in post.

On the higher end - you might need to use some of the process reduction methods above also - but you are basically using direct monitoring with external effects for headphone cue. Most of us bedroom type producers can’t really afford true external effects for this - but use instead an interface with built-in effects. The idea here is that these effects add no processing latency. I’ll use my personal setup as an example.

I have a Motu ultralite hybrid. When recording, I may use it’s internal compressor on the input channel to keep levels for getting to close to clipping. If it’s vocals, I may use their LA-2A leveller instead. The vocal channel is then sent out to the cue channel directly within the interface - bypassing Cubase - but it’s mixed with the main outputs so the performer hears the song they are recording to. The key takeaway here is that the performer hears themselves with no delay in real-time along with the music, and yet my interface’s buffer is still set to 512 samples.

You can go with either solution. The first one works fine if you keep on top of things and arrange your project in a way that reduces processing work at least for the recording phase. The second solution, if done properly, will allow you to ignore latency altogether, within reason.

The Motu Ultralite I bought used on ebay $300. I basically waited like a sniper until the right deal came along. The prices on these should be dropping now though. Not exactly cheap - but not 600-400 dollars either. (I also managed to, believe it or not, pick up a $1000 motu 896 Hybrid for only $300 the same way…) Both these interfaces have identical features, except the 896 has eight preamps vs 2 preamps on the other unit.

Thanks. I’m trying out my Komplete Audio 6 now so i’ll see in a couple of days if it’s any good.