USB Licence - Live show

Hi there - I use Cubase 11 Pro in a live music setting and a lot of our show runs from it.

After a very stressful show at the weekend I realised that the USB Licence dongle is a single point of failure. I have a back-up computer in a flight case, and several back up drives, with all the Cubase ‘show’ Projects, but they are all useless if the USB Licence fails - or it gets lost.

I am just checking - there exists at the moment no way at all to carry [one out / one in] a ‘hot spare’?



How old is your USB-eLicenser, please?

There’s no official way, but for the Cubase license only (not other products), you can buy a 2nd USB key and and obtain a trial activation code. Download it to the USB key, but don’t start the Usage Period. In the unlikely event of a key failure, you would plug in the other key and activate the Usage Period I presume an internet connection is needed.

Apart from that, at this time, only a buying 2nd license along with a 2nd key will do the job.

That said, it is very rare for a key to fail.

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It’s also probably worth to mention this announcement.

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