USB madness (a plea for a software dongle)

Keyboard, mouse, sound interface, midi keyboard, controller, external hard drive, iLok, eLicenser, etc.

All this on only 2 internally separate USB busses, which is the usual standard. And every single device wants to be on a dedicated port, not even the dongles like external multi-ports.

For once, Waves did a good move and went from iLok to a software licencing system (it’s based on one’s unique network interface ID). Would be great if Streinberg did the same move.

Besides, I’m quite sure that Cubases’s legendary crash on close is somehow related to this USB madness.

Great idea, some idiot changes your MAC address or cardid and you loose all your application software …

Any specific problems running Cubase?

About the 2 USB busses I have to disagree. Your choice of CPU shows you have a relatively modern MoBo, which comes with more than 2 USB busses. And 2 is not the usual standard–unless you mean laptops. Also, in your long list of USB devices, only the audio interface and external drives need dedicated USB busses. As for the rest, you can plug them all in a hub connected to a single buss. I seriously find it hard to believe that your desktop has only two USB ports (not that you said so).

I’m not familiar with this new Waves licensing system. Out of curiosity, what happens if you went out of town to work on another computer and needed your Waves plugins? FWIW, I guess it is safe to say that Waves had their own reasons to change their licensing system, and NOT because of what you call a “USB madness”. So I wouldn’t be so hopeful about SB doing the same.

“Quite sure” as in what? Any tests or facts? Please enlighten us. I for one, haven’t had this problem since a long time ago.


There’s a license centre on the waves server. You log in, transfer your licences from your computer to that server and later you can transfer them from the server to any other computer. Only thing is that you shouldn’t forget to transfer them back to the server when you’re done, cause otherwise the system won’t let you transfer them back to the first computer. But even if you forget this, there’s a recovery option (that you shouldn’t try to use too often, of course).

Concerning the 2 USB busses, I was rather referring to my Sony Vaio laptop which I use for mobile recordings. I use it a lot, so I should probably include it into my signature.

Concerning the crash being related to USB, I’ve often experienced a dead eLicense dongle (i.e. inactive) when the program hangs on exit. Doesn’t have to be a genuine USB issue, but seems to be very much related to the eLicencer. Meaning that a software dongle could probably solve the problem, at least on my system.

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Useful information. Thanks.

USB, I’ve often experienced a dead eLicense dongle (i.e. inactive) when the program hangs on exit.

Sounds to me like a faulty dongle (or a bad usb chip, unlikely if you get it on a few machines). Could Steinberg have had a bad batch of dongles leading to some users having the crash on exit problem? I’d swap your present one out and see. I’ve never seen the problem and my dongle’s over ten years old. Maybe it’s the new short ones.

Dirty connections, I clean all PCI and USB contacts every 3 years and have managed to revive most of the PCI/USB cards plugs that I have believed to be faulty, there are 15 years since the USB key was introduced therefore a number of old keys around that have seriusly oxidising contacts