USB Mic signal is HOT


I’m trying to use a USB mic for the first time.

My issue: The input signal from the USB mic is 100% hot. Regardless of the gain output from the mic (I’ve tried two so far and the same issue on both: Apex555 & SAMSON G Track). The recording signal is 100% digital distortion.

Because it’s happening on two separate mics (and it’s happening in Cubase Artist 7 as well as Garage Band … I have a Mac) it must be in my settings somewhere.

I can’t figure this out…I’ve been searching all the forums, Google, and other search areas.

Help :slight_smile:

What do you mean with “gain output”? The mics should have an input gain, to adjust the input level, and an maybe an output level for monitoring.

What I mean (and I’m most likely using the wrong terminology) is that the signal strength in the channel that I’m recording on is full on. Regardless of the gain control on the USB mic (it has a build in audio interface in the mic.).

And when I record the sound/wave file is nothing that I’ve ever scene before.

Is this a Mac issue, or a Cubase issue? Any help would be appreciated.

There is a procedure listed in this topic that maybe will assist you (scroll down for Mac).

Regards. :sunglasses:

Most Probably it´s operator error, or USB mic error.

Thanks everyone for your support. I’ve tried all of the suggestions to no avail.

USB mic is on its way back to the store.