USB Mic to Cubase

I have a USB mic that’s been working well on my PC, but can’t see how to use it for real-time recording in Cubase 9 Pro.

My VST Audio system is ASIO Hammerfall DSP (using my HDSPe AIO audio interface), which I want to use for ASIO Analog output.

How can I use both USB mic and my interface on the same project?


A limitation of Windows is that you can only use one asio device at a time. Possibly you could work around it using asio4all driver but you will lose your RME performance.

Thanks, Grim. Was hoping not, but I can work with it.

Then I my best option is to use an XLR mic that goes through the HDSPe interface? Any suggestions on a decent baseline setup?

The bad news is that this interface has no mic preamp so you will need both a mic pre and a new mic!

Thanks, Grim. That’s what I’ll do.

You CAN use multiple USB interfaces at a time IF your ASIO driver permits it. Agree with GRIM. the ASI4ALL generic driver does support this. I’ve done it before with a Behringer UMC404HD interface with one of those BLUE ball mics. Also tried it with success with two Blue ball mics. You just have to poke around a bit to get it to work but it can be done if your hardware and drivers allow it.

Thanks, wosstudio. I’d tried working with ASIO4ALL, but decided to just bite the bullet and get a mic that goes through my audio interface.

you can rout USB mic to Cubase, with Odeus Asio link Pro.

Some thoughts about using a USB mic with Cubase here…

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