USB Microphone MAC for Cubase 8 setup?


I’ve bought a USB microphone (Snowball iCE). When I started Cubase it asked if I wanted to set it as the new audio system, I clicked yes. You probably know where this is going. Now I’ve got no output, everything’s going through the microphone. I revert back to Built-In audio, outputs back but microphone is nowhere to be seen. I’ve tried the Control Panel on Built In audio, but it doesn’t register the microphone.

Since it’s a Mac, Audio4all is not an option, so should I download a new audio driver? (I’ve tried Soundflower, that’s two channel but neither input nor output work). It somehow seems like adding a microphone should be way more intuitive than this

On another note, I’ve tried (and failed) to get my Clavinova CP-340 working as a Midi input. Could this be related to needing a new audio driver as well? I appear to be out my depth on a number of levels.

Thanks a lot

You need to set up an aggregate audio device. See here:

Before you set up an aggregate audio device. Did you try F4 select usb mic for input and built in audio for output?