USB Midi confusion


I have connected a couple of external instruments (Alesis QSR and Korg M1R) using Midi-USB rather than Midi through the normal 5pin DIN connectors. Each individually works fine (although I am facing the usual problem of sending Sysex messages to the M1R thanks to using cheapo USB Midi convertors - 5 quid off eBay), giving me full control through Cubase.

However, as the two machines are connected using identical Midi USB cables - also running through the same USB hub - Cubase cannot seem to distinguish between them. So when I’m running both the QSR and the M1R, it’s impossible to work out which is connected to what in the Midi Device Manager.

Is there any way I can rename the USB Midis so that I can differentiate between them? Any other workarounds out there?


Win 7 x32
Cubase 5
Inta Audia DAW

MIDI Port setup in the Show As column.

Thanks. Makes things easier now!