USB MIDI input drops offline, requires Dorico restart

I was working along in Dorico 3 just fine, then I unplugged my USB keyboard. Once I came back to work later and switched the USB keyboard back on, it didn’t work anymore in Dorico. So I looked in the preferences, and found the device wasn’t listed in the MIDI input preferences. And there doesn’t appear to be any “refresh” button.

I had to quit and relaunch Dorico to get it back.

Please consider this an improvement request for a future version of Dorico that, like other programs, it’ll auto-sense when a device is available or not, and not require a manual restart.

Dorico does, in general detect devices if they are disconnected and connected once the application is started. However, we’ve come across a few devices that do not respond in this way. When this happens, it’s because the driver, or the firmware in the device, isn’t re-initialising correctly, and this is beyond Dorico’s control. It may also depend on the USB hub.

Interesting, thanks. This is an NI Komplete S49, and yes connected through a hub.

If you have the option of connecting the keyboard directly to a USB port on your computer, that might be worth a try.