USB multritrack recording set up with Midas M32

Anyone set up cubase to multitrack record with the Midas m32?

just came here to ask the same question. the spec says you can record 32 tracks of audio but I’d like to know if anybody actually is using the midas32 to record 32 simultaneous tracks into Cubase successfully, and what latency figures they are getting etc… or even the behringer x32 since the software side is the same.

looks like nobody on the planet is using this combination of daw, mixer and forum! anyway, according to klark technik tech support, the usb is easily capable of streaming 32 simultaneous audio channels into Cubase with low latency asio drivers…

I do it every show I use my M32’s on. No issues yet, and I’ve tracked about 50 shows so far. I’m running about 6 ms latency.


Thanks John. Reassuring. M32 is on my shopping list. All I need now is MONEY