USB over IP with Cubase

Has anyone tried to put an audio interface on a “USB over IP” device?
There is a product from SIIG that enables you to attach USB devices remotely. Then computers on the network can use the USB device as if it were connected to the local USB.
I would like to try it but I ma concerned about whether it will work at all and whether the latency could become an issue with recording or playback with Cubase. Anyone have some experience with this idea?

So it would make running the audio interface in a studio and the computer outside of it easier?
Wouldn’t it be called UoE for USB over Ethernet?

You mean doing this with cards like these?
These would allow more than just the audio to be transferred, like using a keyboard and mouse reliably at a distance with negligible lag.

Wonder if there is a FoE, as in Firewire over Ethernet, adapter?

If you have a Mac with Thunderbolt, there are TB to multi-IO (USB3, F800, eSATA & extra TB) adapters.