USB to MIDI CABLE problems

Hi everyone.
Yesterday I had a problem with the new version
I explain the situation.
I use two USB-TO-MIDI cables (Digital Life and Wersi brands) to drive VST-Live with my two masterkeyboards.
With the new VST live version identifies the two cables with the same name: “MME Midi: USB Midi Interfrace”. In fact I correctly see two instances in the Connections function but practically VST Live uses only one midi cable. I downgraded to version and everything works. In fact, version in the Connection function allows me to manage two connections with two distinct names: “MME Midi: USB Midi Interface” and “MME Midi: USB Midi Interface (2)”.
Something happened in later versions.

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Will check, we didn’t deliberately change that area. Where in Connections do you see the port names? What do both sides show? Is it when loading a project, or new project? Maybe Help/ Clear all user data helps? Every detail helps, thanks!

Hi, thanks for the reply.
In PHOTO 02 you will find the Connections screen with version of VST Live. As you can see, the names of the devices (USB to Midi cable) are different and are managed as two distinct connections.

In PHOTO 01 you will find the Connections screen with version In this case the devices are called with the same name and VST Live recognizes only one of them.

I hope it helps.

The problem always occurs: in the case of a new project and in the case of loading an existing project.


Thank you for reporting, we will check this.

Sorry it takes a while to check this, you have not been forgotten but it will probably take until next week.

Hi @Giorgio_Pellegrini,

it’s fixed now and has been added to the next update. Thank you for your patience and your reporting. Please get back to us and let us know if it is working.

Thank you,

Hi everyone,
I apologize for the late reply but I have been away for work.
Thank you for your availability and speed of intervention.
I will try the new version and update you on the results.


Hi everyone.
I installed version 1.3.16 of Vst Live. Everything works correctly: now it reads drivers (USB to MIDI) with different names.
Good job.
Thank you for your continued support.

Giorgio from Rome Italy