I’ve just bought a usb turntable… the Akiyama Dj-2000. I’d like to record the vinyls in my compueter with its usb port… but I can’t do it!

I try it to change the configuration on OPTIONS/AUDIO STREAMING SETTINGS… then in AUDIO DEVICE I select USB AUDIIO CODEC, but I can’t record anything!!!

Please, help!

Thank you very much in advance!!!

The USB turntables I have seen in the past have by the large been lightweight rubbish, but having now googled the Akiyama you clearly have a Technics 1200 knock off, and if it provides only half the quality of the original there’s a chance of obtaining good results.

However, looking at pictures the turntable seems to have rca outputs as well as usb, and I would have thought you would obtain the best quality transfers by going from there into your audio interface and avoiding usb altogether, assuming of course that output is line level and has gone through pre-amplification internally.

My experience tells me that most of the USB turntables are great A/D converters attached to so much rubbish. The difference between going in via your audio interface and USB are night and day…in FAVOUR of the USB. Much less hum, nice clear, transparent sound, not muddied by less-than-stellar internal preamps to try to achieve line level.

My advice…use the software provided with the turntable which can “see” the input, record into that software and then transfer the files to Cubase for polish.


Can you post a screenshot of your settings page?

You have to make sure that input AND output is activated in settings. Even if the device does not have an output channel. See screenshot.
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