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I have an HP Pavillion with the small oval shaped type c connector on the face of the computer. The UR44C cable has the type c connector and a type A on the other end…do I need the the C (small oval connector) on both ends for the unit to work properly?

I also have the same question. Some help is appreciated.

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Not Needed. Mine works…sort of.

Never mind my previcious answer.
Apparently you do, if you need it to work without the ac-adaptor, otherwise no you can use it with a USB type A end.

It will function properly through the TYPE A…the small Type C connector is only used specifically to power the UR 22/or 44 instead of using the plug in power supply.

Hello Friends, I have a simple question I can´t find the answer :
Does UR44C only works in USB2 and USB 3.1 options, but NOT in 3.0 ???
Because connected into an USB 3.0 port, only works set in High-Speed (USB 2.0) driver option…

My UR816C works just fine in my old PC’s USB 3.0 port with 3.1 superspeed modus.
Remember: USB 3.1 Gen1 = USB 3.0

Hope this helps

Thanks ca-booter

Mmmm… Now I must ask myself “Why I have that problem?” My UR44C in particular? Mi PC motherboard? Win 10?
They say if you have problems with 3.1 switch to USB 2.0 modus option, OK, but if one day I want to sell it… how I explain that it s not so important…
Now I have another problem : With Sony or Magix Sound Forge sometimes it works an sometimes not…
For that last reason I have had to connect my Focusrite Saffire PRO 24 again, to use ir only for Sound Forge. (it worked fine ever with all programs)

If I solve it, I will tell you, Thanks again.

Maybe you can test the 44 on a different PC somewhere?
USB 3.0 bus driver uptodate?

Hello ca-booter, thanks !

Yes it would be nice to test it in another PC to be sure UR44C its ok… I will assemble another PC that has USB 3.0 to get me in doubt about the UR.

About 3.0 bus driver I try to update it but Win10 tell me it s the most current available.
I would like to install another USB 3.0 bus driver to see what happens…

One good thing today, I uninstalled Yamaha Driver for UR44C and installed it again, and Magic Sound Forge works apparently fine (never failed again).
Thanks for you kind support.

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there is a new software package for URC since yesterday, one of the resolved issues was something with Magix