USBC to USBC slows the computer down with UR44C

Hi, If I connect my UR44C to my computer using a fully rated USBC to USBC cable it renders cubase 13 sluggish and unusable,
If I use the USbC to USB3 cable supplied and plug the UR44C into the wall using the supplied power brick everything is ok,
isn’t the unit supposed to work with only the USBC cable?
can anyone shed any light on what’s happening please?

This depends on how much power your USB Port can deliver. To me it seems the power of that port is not enough, which is why you need the power supply.

Power is unlikely to be the issue in this case.
You can confirm that by using the wall plug while using your C-to-C cable.

And the UR44C is unlikely as well of causing the issue.

I would suspect that the USB-C port on your computer is the culprit.

When you use a USB-C-to-USB3 cable, you connect to a different physical port on your computer. This port must be a ‘plain’ USB3 or even USB2 port using mature/stable tech. coming straight from the main chipset.

However, when you use a USB-C port on your computer, this should be perfectly fine and transparent to you, but this port might be supporting also thunderbolt and/or use a separate discrete IC in your computer. So make sure all drivers and FW/BIOS updates are up to date. Not only the Steinberg stuff, but those from your motherboard vendor.

Note btw that even if you fix this issue with your USB-C port, your setup won’t be any faster than if using the USB3 port. It’s the same USB speed and protocol underneath.

Thanks for the reply’s…looks like its my USBC card then…
the driver settins window has options for superspeed (USB3.1 Gen 1) or High speed (USB2.0) so I thought using the USBC to USBC would be the best setting,
thanks guys.