Use a group track as an fx return

Hi all

Is there any reason why I shouldn’t use a group track as an fx return? I can’t seem to route an fx channel to another group but I can do it with a group channel. Thoughts people? This is in Elements 10 btw on my stage laptop.

Best Regards, Dave

I’m not 100% sure about Elements but the short answer to your question is, no, there’s no good reason why you can’t use a group as an effect “return”.
I’ve discussed this many times over the years:


Thanks for the reply Steve, that sorts my problem

Best Regards, Dave

I dont know what’s going on in Elements but in Cubase 10 Pro you CAN route an FX track to a group.

Double check the Sends, I bet there is a potential feedback loop somewhere, and Cubase is preventing that.

But you can not not in Elements.

Yes you can in Elements, got my stage setup working like that right now because of the answer I got at the top of the page😀

Best Regards, Dave

You can not route FX channels to Group channels in Elements.

Ahhhh sorry svennilenni , my mistake, you’re right, however you CAN use a group channel as an FX channel and route it to another group channel which is what I have done. Forgot my own workaround.