Use Cubase 10 plugins in Cubase 9

hi guys,

i buy the updates every year, but because of several workflow issues, i still use Cubase 9 the most.

I really like the cubase 10 updated plugins, is there a way i can still use the Cubase 10 plugins in Cubase 9?

Everything is installed on my Windows 10 PC. On my macbook pro i only have CB 9 & 9.5 installed, not yet 10.
I gonna try to copy the dll’s (windows), i will update this post on how this goes, for whoever is in the same boat as me :slight_smile:


If you don’t own Cubase 10 license, then it will not work. If you have one and is activated, it could work. But there might be some compatibility issues and Cubase could be unstable.

Does anybody know where the Cubase 10 plugins dll’s are installed? I have all versions

I cant find it :confused:


VST3 plug-ins are not using DLL anymore. They are using *.vst3 instead. On Mac even VST2 plug-ins weren’t DLL, btw.

The internal Cubase plug-ins are stored in the Application/Cubase 10/Content/VST3/Cubase Plug-in Set.vst3. All plug-ins are packed in one package.

If you are searching for any plug-in, open VST Plug-in Manager in Cubase, select the plug-in and click to the Show VST Plug-in Information button. Here you can see the Path (and other informations).

ah sweet

thanks m8, i didnt know about the plugin manager…saves me a lot of time

it works!!!

i made a new folder in the /Cubase 9/VST3 folder called Cubase 10 plugins

in there i pasted the Cubase Plug-in Set.vst3 from CB10

All the new plugins open perfectly, instead of the old ones

THANKS…tube compressor and vintage compressor GUI’s are mutch better then the old ones…

Destroyer also works :stuck_out_tongue:

Lets see how stable this is hehehe