Use cubase 5 VSTi in cubase 8 elements


I own the full Cubase 5.5 and I’m wondering if these VST’s/VSTi’s will work when I buy the Cubase 8 Elements.

The reason I want to buy Elements is because of the price difference and because Cubase 5 does not work in Yosemite.

So I’d like to copy the Cubase5 plugins to a folder and use them in Cubase 8 Elements.

Will this work?

Best regards

I use the Cubase 8 plugins in Cubase 7.5 by copying them over and it works great. I don’t know how Cubase 8 Elements works, I assume it doesn’t use the eLicenser, but if you move the plugins over and keep your dongle plugged in it might work. It may all come down to if the Cubase 5 plugins depend on Cubase itself for the dongle calls or if the plugins are able to do that on their own. If it’s the former then you might be out of luck if Elements doesn’t use the dongle at all.