Use Cubase AI7 in the same pc but with different users (win)

Hi all !

I got a question/trouble, I’m creating a new user in my laptop to use it when I had to do some work as a teacher, so I can keep a clean, audio friendly windows 8 environment.

But I notice that with my new windows user (named “Teaching”) I can’t open Cubase AI 7 (or 6 it that matter)

I use both with soft licencer and it says that the licence isn’t found in windows folder.

Is not possible to use Cubase (with soft licencer) in the same pc for two different users?

I don’t know much about AI7, but if your dongle is attached and your C6 isn’t starting up, you may have to install the eLicenser software again for the new user, which probably means after doing that your AI7 will also work.

Good luck.

In a situation like this it is best to buy a Steinberg dongle and have your license on that, not software.

I do have a elicencer, but I don’t want to put AI there because that means take the elicencer to everyplace and have the risk of get broken or something, I got C7 in the elicencer.

I thought the problem was with the elicencer installation, so I download the latest version but the installer doesn’t had the option to “install for all users”.

This is the error I got:


I got the solution from Clelson in Facebook :

An issue that was recently found in eLicenser Control versions starting with
When this or a later eLicenser Control installer is installed on a 64-bit Windows system, non-admin users (user type “Standard user”) cannot start a protected 64-bit application due to missing access permissions for the file synsoacc.dll.
This results in error messages like “synsoacc.dll could not be located on the system” or “synsoacc.dll does not have the expected interface”.

We are working on an update of the installer fixing this issue and expect to release it around the end of the month.
Until then, the following measure can be used to solve the issue:
Manually grant “read” and “read+execute” permissions for group “users” on file “C:\Windows\System32\synsoacc.dll”.

install elcc and cubase “for all users” not “for this user only”

Nope, read what I posted before. :mrgreen: