Use cubase in a audio or video conference


I’m curently working on 2 movie music, but the director lives away from me. Is there a way to allow him to hear me while i’m working so we can discuss the creation in live ? For example, if I contact him with Discord, skype or messenger, is there a way for him to hear my cubase as i’m working during the call, and for me to hear him while working on cubase ? (Btw I’m using Elements 9)

Thanks for your answers.


This is out of Cubase. You need an application (utility) to route different audio sources to one output.

Are you on Windows or Mac?

i cant speak for juba but im wondering a similar thing and are running on windows

Which Audio interface?

i use a scarlett solo for my interface

Cubase Pro comes with VST Connect SE (in the VST Cloud menu)- you can set it up to send a cue mix to the other party where they run the companion program, VST Connect Performer.


You can find more info about the VST Connect here. The VST Connect Performer is for free.

Thanks for the thread.
Am i right in thinking then, that if i have Cubase Artist, i can’t have a Skype call and share the audio output from cubase at the same time as screen sharing?


VST Connect SE is not part of Cubase Artist and you can’t even use VST Connect Pro with Cubase Artist unfortunately.

And Cubase can’t share a screen. But if you would use other application for screen sharing, then it would work, of course.

You can, depending on your hardware.


Sorry to be unclear. I wanted to say, VST Connect doesn’t work with Cubase Artist and VST Connect doesn’t offer screen sharing by itself.

Thanks both. That’s good to know. I’ll experiment.

Has anyone tried Voicemeeter or Voicemeeter Banana?
I’m going to give it a try.