Use Cubase loops in 3rd party VST's

This is extremely frustrating.
If I want to use a cubase loop in a vst not made by Steinberg like this for example >

It will never work. Only user samples seem to be usable in 3rd party VST’s

Aside from dragging the loop into the project have to bounce and export outside of Cubase make it my own file and bring it back in. This seems like such a silly quirk.
If I’m using a vst in Cubase that’s not made by Steinberg I should still be able to use whatever I want to create sound.
Not being able to use any Cubase loopset’s this way limits sound design massively

I have just tested this same feature in live.
The way it’s done is freeze and flatten track and then you can drag the factory loop into said VST.
If you could do this in Cubase bare minimum it would make a huge difference.