use flows or not to use flows


I am transcribing a mass and am wondering how to structure it by setting up the flows.
There are parts which should be clearly flows (Kyrie, Gloria, Credo …), but there are these subcategories (Et incarnatus, Et resurrexit …) where I do not know how to handle it best:

Any tips welcome.

Dear k_b,
Fwiw, I really would never use that font — sooo 90’s…
It depends on the mass, but having everything divided in flows is not a problem actually…

I do a lot of this. I use 6 Flows for each separate text: Kyrie, Gloria, Credo, etc.

'Subsections" can be easily done just with a Section Break and double bar. The problem is if the scoring radically changes, as that’s when a new Flow would be useful. However, if you do use extra Flows, just change the Master page to Default instead of First.