Use group tracks as folders

As group tracks don’t contain midi or audio data themselves why not make them equal to a folder track, i.e. you can add tracks as sub tracks to the group track. Adding a track (by right clicking on the group track) would automatically assign the group track as output instead of the master.



No please NO.

Who says that the tracks we like to keep in a specific folder are routed to the same group track?
For example i like to keep all my drum tracks in the same folder but most often they are routed to different group tracks before they are routed to a single group track.

And you can still do that @khs. I don’t want track folders to be replaced. Fro tracks should just be able to work as track folders.
Also your example is actually the perfect example to have group tracks as (sub)folders

This is a bad idea, imo. That’s the way it is in Logic, and it can get very messy.

This wouldn’t be backwards compatible.

Potentially, you could give folders a VCA fader that could be turned on maybe that would work. One thing I would like to see, is to be able to open up a mix window specific to what is in folders, ie, it would open up a mix window with visibility already restrained to what is inside that folder.

+1 Studio One have a great implemtation of this, something like that would be great.

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I don’t get it. Nothing changes! There’s only a NEW option to be ABLE to use group tracks as folder tracks, that’s all.

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No it’s not. I prefer to have my different instruments in a folder of their own, like drums, guitars, bass and vocals and so on. This is solely for organizing and to be able to hide 20+ drumtracks when not working on them. But this doesn’t mean I want all of my drum tracks going to the same group track.

Don’t like that at all.
Same reasons as KHS posted.

I think maybe they are suggesting that, if you have bussed a bunch of tracks to a group, those tracks are tucked into the group like a folder.

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Yes, and that is what I don’t like. As said above i like to have my drum tracks in a folder i call Drums and that’s it. I don’t want them to be divided into several folders when using group tracks. Also what about when you send some tracks to a group track which will go to another group track and then maybe another again? That will become very messy.

You CAN (but NEEDN’T) use a group track to house sub tracks, you can still use folder tracks. No one is taking away your precious workflow. It’s just to make other people’s workflows easier (by removing that one folder track and replacing it by a group track).

Studio One has got it right giving you the option to activate it per track basis.
If you don’t like it - you don’t need to use it.
If you like it - just activate it on the desired folder.

Also, you have a folder symbol on the group in the console so you can collapse/expand the group/folder right in the console. Therefore saving a lot of space and make it way easier to navigate the console.

To me it’s one of the BEST features for Console organization ever devised.
Those who say no have most likely never tried it or don’t understand the functionality.

I would totally love this sort of functionality, if there would be an option to activate it on per-track basis.

Every folder I use has a group track as its first child, so yeah I’m fully on board for this.

One possible upside to this feature request is that we might finally get some sort of logic to the mute and solo system where folders are concerned.

Currently when you solo a group, all folder tracks are shown as muted - even if you have a folder with just that groups tracks in it!
Utterly confusing and un-logical, especially when bouncing stems out.

Steinberg couldn’t possible do something as stupid with group track folders could they…

It would make organization of tracks so much easier.
Please let it be part of 10.0.30…!