Use Jog Wheel from NI Maschine Studio for next/previous Track - Up and Down

hi, i want to use the Jog wheel from my Maschine Studio to scroll trough the Tracks in Cubase.

i have set up my Maschine Studio as a Generic Remote Device, but i cant find the command for the Track up and down or next and previous Track .

in the Controller Editor of my Maschine i have some options for each Encoder,Knob and Fader.

Anyone know how to do that ?

@BenniSkyline ,
I looked around for a solid minute, and found some interesting videos on (maybe) getting this done using NI Controller Editor.

Reply back and let us know if/how you get it working!

Do you have a Link or Something? i cant find any usefull Videos.


Checkout Dom’s video on this, specific to you starts about 3:00min in:

Unfortunately, Dom doesn’t address the issue here.

@BenniSkyline , I have a Maschine MK2 so the controller editor will likely do the same for you as it did for me.

Change the JOG wheel “type” to “note relative”. This will cause the jog wheel to send a note on when turned one way, and another note when turned the opposite way. By default, my controller editor is C-2 and G8. It doesn’t matter what it is, for this to work you just need it to send different message.

In generic remote editor, use two assignments, one for turning the jog wheel each way. then assign the actions to command>navigate> up and then down for the other .

Unfortunately, this only allows scrolling through tracks in the project window. If you want to scroll through tracks in the mixconsole, you will have to use left/right.

perhaps on the maschine studio there are other knobs that can be assigned to “note relative” on the maschine mk2, it is only the jog wheel.

hope that helps!