Use Keyboard Split

I have Cubase Elements 11 and a Nektar Impact LX88+ midi controller.
The keyboard has a split function where it sends the midi commands of the different sections over different channels. Unfortunately, Cubase Elements does not seem to support splitting the channels.
All the solutions I found were either for Artist or Pro, or were posted years ago and used software that is now no longer supported.
Does someone have a solution that works?

System information:
OS: Windows 10, Version 21H2, Build 19044.1566
DAW: Cubase Elements 11, Version 11.0.40, Build 446
Keyboard: Nektar Impact LX88+

Hi and welcome to the forum,

You are right. Cubase Elements doesn’t have Input Transformer, therefore you cannot split the MIDI data to multiple tracks while recording.

But you can record the data to one track and then use the MIDI > Dissolve Part function.

Thanks for you quick response!
Actually, I don’t want to split the recorded midi afterwards, but while playing. So that I could play live with two VST instruments and one physical keyboard

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Understand. Sorry, this is not possible with Cubase Elements.

You can do this if both “instruments” are in the same multi-timbral VST Instrument, Like Halion Sonic SE, or Kontakt, etc.

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Then I’ll try the DAW that is shipped out with my Keyboard :frowning:
Thanks for your help!

Hi, This is possible. I have just made a video on YouTube showing how to do it with a simple keyboard (with only one channel sending at a time)
The video is entitled “Cubase Elements - Split your MIDI Keyboard into Zones using a FREE VST”

I also have a solution for your exact issue, using a keyboard with transmitted data on two channels (one channel for lower zone data and the other channel for upper zone data). I’ll make a YouTube video for this if you are interested.
Best wishes, Ian

Thanks for making the video!
I would say, the solution you showed in the video is even better than the split function of my keyboard. Sometimes 2 split zones can be too few