use modern file/location browsing on Windows

This is specific to Windows PC. Not sure how file/location browsing works in Cubase on Mac.

Various Cubase features, including basic processes like creating a project, require browsing Windows folders and files.

Cubase uses the old version of Windows drive/folder/location browsing, which is locked down and slow to use. You can’t jump to a location; you have to manually expand drives and folders to drill down to the location you want:

In modern versions of Windows, Windows Explorer provides much easier and quicker ways to find locations: You can copy/paste a desired location and use the other dynamic features (Quick Access, Recent Folders, etc.) to jump to the location you want. This functionality extends to most modern applications’ “Save As…” and other file browsing features as well:

Steinberg, please leverage the modern Windows Explorer features to make file/folder/location browsing more efficient.

Your first picture is a directory selection dialog, your second picture is a file saving dialog.

I’m not sure if this is a native windows dialog, but I’m guessing this is what you’d want.

Yes, my general point is that the native Windows dialogues for directory selection, file saving, etc. in modern Windows allow for efficient use.

Various directory selection and file saving dialogues in Cubase tend to use older UI and functionality, which is limiting and slower.

Anyone else have additional thoughts?