use of several devices UR44

I wanted to learn about use of several UR44 devices (example). How will several UR44 be defined in dspMixFx? Whether there can be problems with determination or connection in DAW? How to adjust routing of a signal?

Example if to connect 4 UR44 devices to one computer whether then dspMixFx will expand the panel input-output (will define as one device 24х16)?

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Did anyone ever answer this question? Does the Steinberg software support more than one UR44 USB Audio Interface attached to a single computer?

I have a UR44 attached to an HP 6305 (AMD dual processor w/ 4-MB memory) running 64-bit Windows 7 Pro, Cubase Elements 9 and Wavelab 9.5. I also have an RME ADI 8DS and HDSP (IDE) Digiface from my prior Nuendo based studio for which I can’t find a reasonable way to get working on the 64-bit Windows 7 machine.

I’m approaching the point where I need at least a couple of more audio inputs. I’m left with either adding another UR44 (if the software and drivers support it) or selling the UR44 and replace it with some other studio quality audio interface that supports at least 8 analog audio inputs (which would cost several hundred more dollars). I’m retired from full-time studio work but a friend asked me to set up a small, part time studio for her students, so cost is an issue.

Thanks in advance if anyone can answer this,
Joe Crawford
Stony Mountain Studio II

It is not possible to use more than one UR interface properly. The ASIO driver only supports one unit.