Use of the R shortcut key

The R shortcut key can be used to repeat the highlighted note or chord in Write mode. When the caret is active, Dorico repeats what is highlighted (at the previous position) to the caret position.
Is it possible that, when the caret is active and I press a new note duration and hit R key, the highlighted note (or chord) is repeated with the new duration (at the caret position)? This would work in a similar way as Sibelius. I think this would greatly facilitate entering of chords for piano.

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You should be able to get the result you want by hitting the numeric value corresponding to the desired length after you have hit R to repeat the note or chord, provided the note input caret is not visible.

Yes, I’m aware of this sequence, but after hitting R, I will have to hit ESC to stop the entry process (caret disabled), then hit the number key to set new value, then re-start the entry again to get back the caret. Many extra key strokes.
If a new note duration can be set before hitting R (while caret is active), it makes entering chord really fast, and I can remain in entry mode to continue entering more chords (esp. for piano scores, very often chords repeat same notes but at different durations).
I believe this would be quite a simple modification to the program, and it won’t be in conflict with the existing function of the R key.
Anyway, this is just a feature request to facilitate chord entering.