Use of UR44 on new Macbook Pro

Hi all,
I’m looking at making the switch from a Windows laptop to a Macbook Pro for live gigs - my experience with Windows laptops has been pretty subpar for live performance.

I’m currently using all USB Steinberg products - I have a UR44, as well as a UR22 I use on occasion for more “minimal gear” gigs where I don’t need as many inputs/outputs.
However as the new Macbooks only have Thunderbolt ports, I’m concerned that I won’t be able to keep using my USB gear. Since I’m taking the plunge on a new Macbook, I’d prefer not to buy a new audio interface along with it!

I’ve seen plenty of Thunderbolt -> USB adapters around, but I’m just wondering if it’s possible to use an adapter to use the UR products on a Macbook - and whether anyone here has had experience with it.

Just updating this post for anyone who was interested, or finds this in the future - I ended up taking the plunge and it all seems to be working fine.
I bought a little USB-B to USB-C cable, and installed the USB drivers and it all seems to work great - I was able to run some preliminary tests in Ableton with no issue.