Use original audio file names as track names when using Create Tracks from Lanes?

When I Create Tracks from Lanes, the new tracks get named using the original track name and a Lane number, which doesn’t make the original audio file naming scheme. Basically seems to put whatever is on top in “Lane 1” and increment from there. Usually that will probably be the last take to the first take, but who knows if it will be consistent–I’d guess it depends on what editing was done before in the project.

So I’d like to retain the original take names (the names of the audio files, which also get used as the event names) to make it easier to keep track of everything and make sure it all matches up correctly after exporting via Audio Mixdown.

Is there a way to do this? Or is there a way to rename the new tracks once they’re created, so the track name uses the audio file name (which is also the event name)? I’ve looked into the Project Logical Editor and so far don’t see anything that seems to fit.

Well, this isn’t really a solution so much as a workaround, but I’m going to run with it since I haven’t found anything else.

Rather than bothering to use “create tracks from lanes”, I tried just:

  1. Deleting the tracks and all their clips
  2. Then going into the Project Pool, right-clicking on the clips, and choosing “Insert into project > At origin”
  3. Then choosing “Different tracks” at the prompt.

Result: When the clips come in, each track gets the name of the clip placed on it, meaning the name of the original file can be retained when exporting via the Audio Mixdown, albeit in a roundabout, indirect, somewhat convoluted manner.