Use Reverance IR's in 3rd party reverb?

Is this possible?Firstly I really like the IR’s in reverance and its a really good plugin but it hasnt got the features of Native instruments reflektor convolution reverb.Basically reflektor has a cool feature where you can move the instrument forward or backward in the space,which is great for creating front to back space in a mix.But reflektors IR’s are a little weak,especially compared to reverance.Just curious if its possible to import the IR’s into reflektor.I cant seem to locate the reverance IR’s for some reason.Cheers

I have been searching for the ir folder of Reverence for years but not found any on either PC nor Mac. Sternberg have been criticized for it on these forums. I stopped using Sternberg convolutions for that reason and bought other convolution reverbs which let you import ir from 3. party producers. Sir, fog convolver and waves are among the better, and of course altiverb, but that is expensive and closed for 3. party. If you are on an older system wizooverb is great (however not working on newer systems). There are also a lot of free ir files around that you can use in Native Instruments, also a whole bunch very cheap and very good. Check out Ruined castles. Stop using Sternberg reverb and let them know their politics on this is wrong.

Reverence allows you to import impulse responses.

Most commercial convolution reverbs protect their impulse responses, Altiverb for example and I think IR-1. Convolution reverb in it’s basic form is the same in all products and the IR’s are what give a product value. Steinbergs politics on this aren’t wrong.

Tend to disagree with you here. IR 1 is open. Altiverb and Reverence, for all practical reasons, are closed. You can only import IRs one by one in Steinberg. You cannot export. How is that compared to say SIR? A good policy? And just to mention: One of Steinbergs main competitors, Logic/Apple, lets you import folders.

I didn’t know you could use Waves impulse responses in other convolution reverbs as they seemed to be a proprietary format.

Only importing one IR at a time is maybe a limitation of the user interface and preset system. Have you asked in feature requests for multiple imports?

Export what exactly?

If the manufacturer places a .wav (or a .aiff file for MAC) in a folder which is accessible and readable to the convolution reverb, you can move the whole folder to another convolution reverb, thus you can use all the ir files in the convolution reverb with the “best” interface. This is how you also place reverbs from 3. party producers, placing the whole folder to the main folder of the convolution reverb. Normally done in the file system of the computer, but some have cascade import directly in the interface.

So can you do this with Waves IRs? I thought they had a .wir extension and assumed they were proprietary.

You are right :wink:

As I said = .wav and . aiff files, readable and moveable is the thing. Still need a convolution reverb that can read them. A lot can, some cannot. And the point is that some allows import of a whole folder and not only one by one (as Steinberg). Waves can import folders, Fog Convolver, Sir, Native to mention those I have myself. In addition wizooverb, sadly out of the game.

Wizooverb was also a hybrid with a algorithmic reverb, the algorithmic part is now in revelation, as the programmer now works for Steinberg. I wish They would combine the two Steinberg reverbs and add a batch import.


Theoretically if you play an impulse wave through an IR plugin then you should get the IR out. This is effectively how people capture the IRs in the first place. For example, this one sample impulse wave could be used:


The depth control in Reflektor is just a ER/Tail Mix control, exactly the same as the one in REVerence.

The only real advantage Reflektor has is lower latency, at the cost of higher CPU usage and it’s far clunkier to use thanks to Guitar Rig.

I’m sure that they’ll magically know if you stop using REVerence for no real reason.

I’m sure that they’ll magically know if you stop using REVerence for no real reason.

The reason is pretty obvious. The interface sucks compared to competitors like Waves and even Logics internal convolution Space Designer. WizooVerb was great. Long time missed. I don’t care too much if Steinberg listens. I have tried to “talk” to them before, so have many others. Sometimes they listen, sometimes they do not. Thank God for other developers. I could mention a dozen better grand pianos than Steinbergs Grand, several dozens better synths than Halion, a dozen better drums than Groove Agent, and several for Compressors, Reverbs, Delays, EQ’s and so on and on and on. It does not matter if many of them are “free” with Cubase as long as there are far better alternatives that both behaves and sounds better. The only area I find Cubase to be in the top 4, is as a DAW (together with Logic, ProTools and Studio 1). The rest is just sheit (compared to others).

Most of your post is completely pointless and has nothing to do with REVerence. Anyone can come up with hundreds of vague negative statements like that to describe the plugins made by any developer. Nobody cares.

THANK CHRIST that REVerence looks nothing like IR1 and Space Designer. One has a tiny cluttered interface, the other has parameters spread out all over the place for no reason. Then there’s WizooVerb… how on earth is an interface that requires 2-3 clicks just to adjust the ER balance and EQ better than one that shows everything in a single window in a logical manner, using almost the same amount of screen space???

I saw your post saying that you liked the Crysonic interfaces (I think this was in another forum so forgive me if this was someone else with a similar name) Perhaps the issue here is simply bad taste? :wink:

Definetely bad taste. Got nothing to do in the forum. Right. What is the forum for? OP’s that think better of themselves? Got it. I have not attacked you but the Steinberg add on software. You choose to attack me and my postings. OK.

You, as anyone else, including me, are entitled to an opinion. You do like the Steinberg verb. That is your perogative. Mine is to dislike it and prefer something else. Your workflow is different form mine, so perhaps you do not see the disadvantage of Reverence when importing IR, moving them around or import by folder or batch. Perhaps you are in no need of that? If Reverence is your only convolution and you are satisfied with the enclosed IRs I guess you do not “feel” the problem. But that is what started the topic. OK? Stay with your preferences and I’ll stay with mine. I do however choose to express them whenever I like, especially as an answer to the OP question.

Resurrecting a 2-year-old thread, just to argue? Lounged. :mrgreen:

just wanted to be fair, space designer in Logic 10.4 has finally been overhauled to full retina resizable interface, SO easy to use, looks fantastic now.

before was awful.