use score drum map grayed out

Cubase Pro 8, Trying to score a midi drum track. Having trouble getting started due to: Score Settings>Staff>Options>Score Drum Map - I cannot select “use score drum map” because it is grayed out. Why is this?

Have you designated the MIDI/Instrument track as a Drum Track? (by assigning a Drum Map… even an empty one :wink: )

Thanks for your response. Yes, I have assigned a drum map to the track.

Sorry Vic, I lied. I thought I had assigned a drum track, but had not. I was following instructions from the Cubase Pro user manual chapter on Scoring for Drums, which seems to indicate that one would assign a drum map by going into “Drum Map Setup” from the MIDI menu. I had done that and a drum map appeared to be assigned. After exhaustive research I discovered the drum map assignment selector in the instrument track inspector, which no mention is made of in the Scoring for Drums chapter, and which I’ve never used, though I’ve done plenty of editing of my BFD3 midi tracks (I guess I was editing an “instrument” instead of “drums”). Anyway, problem solved. Thanks.