Use two different fonts for lyrics in one file

Is it possible to use two different fonts for lyrics in one file (would be enough to set different font per flow)?
Best, Ben

Set the Lyrics Translation font to be something different, then set relevant lyrics to be “translation” from the properties panel.

I already “misused” the Lyric Translation option for something different…
If I could override the replacement font missing charactars I would not need this option. Problem is that I have kyrillic lyrics in some flows and Academico does not have any kyrillic chars…

There’s also a separate font for “Chorus” lyrics.

Or use a different NCS style font throughout that does have Cyrillics.

I have the fear of breaking my other 300 flows if I use an other font.
Maybe I’ll try to merge the kyrillic chars of an existing open source font into Academico and use this.

I would have thought it would be considerably less effort to save a copy of your project somewhere secure, then try using the Chorus Translation font for your Cyrillic. It’ll take you all of a few minutes to see if it messes up the rest of the project, and if it does you still have a secure copy.

For that matter Ctrl/Cmd+Z works fairly reliably in Dorico.

And possibly ask these sorts of questions before you already have 300 flows :wink:

Chorus does not work for me as I need more then one vers. But thank you for these ideas.

I used linux libertine O as a font for lyrics — works perfectly with Cyrillic text and alphabet. And it has all small hyphen, short unbreakable space items too :wink:

Yes! An excellent font which I’ve used for years.