Use Video Follows Edit Mode issue

When Use Video Follows Edit Mode is activated, the cursor always returns to the beginning of the last highlighted event instead of returning to its original start position (Return to Start Position on Stop is activated).

Here’s an example:

Can this be disabled as it is extremely frustrating?

No, afraid not – that’s how it works.

I think the idea behind the design that the user activates it to spot audio to video, rather than leaving it on in general.

No, it is the intention of the edit mode to do exactly this…
the solution would be to deactivate edit mode

In Ableton Live this feature is always on by default without it forcefully snapping the cursor to an event, so dragging events around always updates the video position.

I would love to have that.

This mode should snap the cursor to an event only when the event is being dragged across the timeline, but not return the cursor to the beginning of the event every time the playback is stopped. This is super annoying for people who do sound design. It should behave like every other DAW. Please fix it.

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This might help. I have “Video Follows Edit” mode turned on, and in the “Transport” section of my Preferences I have checked “Locate When in Empty Space”. I’m also using the Combined Selection Tools.

At the beginning of the video, I turn off “Transport: Return to Start Position on Stop”, but if I use my Range tool while in VFE Mode, it will still behave as though “Return… Stop” is turned on. But, when I use my pointer tool, it doesn’t act like this anymore.

Hope this helps!

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totally agree with you. it’s so annoying!!!
Why not just sync at the cursor?? Why do I even bother to add a snap point to be able to sync with the picture? and just play where I stopped no matter in what mode…