Use "windows" key like apple "command" key in Cubase?


Just recently switched from using Cubase 8 Pro on a Mac to using it on a new PC, running Windows 7. Transferred all of my key commands to Cubase on the PC and most of them remapped fine (e.g. some command+whatever shortcuts turned into ctrl+whatever) but not all. Some key commands that used to use command/apple now show up as “meta” in Cubase’s key command list. (Especially key commands that used to be something like “ctrl+command+something else” on the Mac.)

For Windows-specific functions, the Mac command key = the Windows key. But Windows OS seems to have a death grip on the Windows key, and won’t allow other programs to use it as a shortcut key.

So my question is: Is there a way to force Windows to let go of that key? Is it possible for Cubase to use the windows key for shortcuts, as a replacement for the Apple command key? Or am I stuck re-doing my key commands to only use ctrl and alt/option?

(This is of particular concern because my assistant is actually still on a Mac. So ideally we’d like to have key commands that we can both use without any adjustments.)

Thanks in advance for any tips…!

Cubase doesn’t see the Windows key unfortunately.

You have ctrl, alt, and shift.

I ended up just changing the keystrokes when for my Windows machine.

You could use something like Autohotkey to map the Windows key to something like ctrl+alt+shift… I had some limited success with that, but it was too much trouble to actually memorize all the substitutions.

Ah, I was wondering if that might be the case.

Thanks for the help. I’ll look into the Autohotkey option and see if it seems worth it.

Just go into the Key Commands settings and replace Ctrl with Alt for your most frequently used thumb+pointing finger key commands. That’s what I did. :slight_smile:

This is what I’ve done as well both for ergonomic reasons and consistency with my OS X laptop. The Control key is just a very bad main modifier in general. I don’t have an Emacs pinky, but damn near have had a Cubase on Windows pinky! I don’t think the latter name is going to catch on though…