Use Your Voice to Control Any VST (or any MIDI controled track) Feature Request

Imagine being able to hum, sing, beatbox (…etc.) your melody, harmony, break, baseline, chord progression (…etc.) in real-time on the VST of your choice!

I can see this helping everyone in all genres of music, hip hop, rock, EDM, Country, K-Pop, R&B (…etc. if I didn’t choose your genre I’m sorry, just know you’re also included and benefited)

This would make the Creative workflow SUPER FAST, literally letting you put the song in your head in the computer instantly and how you want it.

How it would work :

You load up a VST of your choice, and activate “Voice Control” (or something that sounds better) button/mode, and hum, sing, beatbox (…etc.), what you want to hear on the track. Your voice will essentially control the VST as you sing. (there should be an option to muse your voice so that you only hear the VST or VSTs)

You can press record and hum, sing, beatbox (…etc.) in your project and the MIDI data will be recorded into the track in real time.

the Voice Control should have its own left sided tab with parameters, one being scale, where you can use known scales (what Var audio does when pitch shifting)

You could just put in your own scale using a visual representation of the 12 keys of an octave on a keyboard (C to B, including sharps/flats), you would just select the keys in your scale i.e if I want C Major, I would select all the white keys.

For chords
this would be done by having the single note MIDI data generated by your voice trigger a chord from the scale you had previously selected.

For beatboxing (not essential but would be super EPIC)
you would first have to register sound that coincide to certain sounds on your Drum/Battery VST, so that cubase knows what a kick sounds like and match it to the kick pad.

The crazy thing about it that a big part of the work is already done in Cubase today, as you can indeed turn your audio into MIDI data, just that you can’t do it live, let alone live while controlling another or various VSTs in real time.

As of now there are work around via 3rd party VSTs, but that’s not integrated into the DAW itself, thus all kinds of problems can occur …

If you Read this, please vote for this. (if you find it usfull… Comme onnnn , how is this not going to help you, LOL). Don’t for get to have a Great Day, stay safe and keep making EPIC music!

I’m against. I see no benefit and often my control room is so noisy, I’d need a headset.
This surely is not a small add on to cubase but an exercise in complex AI. Even our musical language would get in the way? We all use it to describe our own workflow. I’m totally unsold on having to speak to a music DAW. I’ve never needed to, and if Steinberg spent a few years adding this feature, I’d not use it. Cubase does everything I need it to do. voice control would for me be slower and pointless. Voice is a very impressice tool for what we do with a mouse pointer. Even a simple profiles fade that we guide with a mouse - how would voice do that? How would voice enter a chord? C3, E3, G3 would not work, would we have to say C3, 120, E3, 115, G3,120 to generate one with a quieter 3rd?

My vote is against

Hi!, First ,thank you for your feedback, I respect your individual opinion,

but having such a noisy control room that your mic cant pick up your voice over the noise is a problem in itself, that was never intended to be remedied by this feature request, nor have I stated that it was going to be easy, just that big parts of the job have already been done, via Cuabse staff themselves and 3rd party VSTs.

As for accuracy I have the opposite experience to that of yourself, it takes me longer using a mouse to get the correct notes, chord progressions (etc) while if I just humm or sing what I want, then have either Var audio or 3rd party app process it/turn my audio into MIDI, gets the job done more accurately and faster.

As for chords, I’m suggesting that they use (again already available via other DAWs and some 3rd party VSTs) an algorithm that uses the note triggered via the audio to then create a chord , essentially having one note trigger a chord.

I feel that you haven’t quite understood what I’m asking for, as I am not asking for the ability to “Talk to the VST” as in say “make me a chord progression in E minor” No, I’m asking for the ability to Sing, hum, Beatbox (…etc) with your voice and have that signal converted to MIDI in real time

Hope you are having a Great day, wish you the best.

Don’t wait for Steinberg. This is already available from Waves OVOX.
You can also use it as a Vocoder/Talk box:

There’s a mic that can do that also:

You can do something similar with Cubase but you have to program the chords:

If you want cool EDM/Electronic sounds and stuff you won’t find them in Cubase/Steinberg libraries or instruments. You have to buy them from Roland, Akai, Fruity Loops or use Logic or Ableton Live. Which are used for EDM/Trap hits you hear.
Cubase is a great recording studio/ DAW that you have to add to or import to keep up.
Steinberg’s product development team are missing the goal when it comes to
Electronic music genres.

Hi, thanks for your Feedback,

In the original post, I wrote that there are already 3rd part plugin that already do this… it was part of my argument on how that it is indeed feasible…

It’s like how melodyne already do vocal pitch correction but Cubase incorporated this function in natively anyway, making workflow much faster.

I would love for this feature to be also included inside the DAW natively, as it would make it even faster, for everyone.

Only way this could get done if users would vote for it.(if they want it obviously, if not, then as you said, buy the 3rd part options)

Thanks for responding! Hope you’re having a great day!