Used Cubase 5 Full Version

I have purchased a used copy of cubase 5 full version for 400.00 and the activation code has already been used once and elicenser control center says to contact my software support team for a new License Download. The person I got it from has unregistered the copy from his account, so I would like to know what steps to fallow to activate my purchase Thankyou………………………………… Sincerely Strange Axemaster

If the activation code has already been used, it is activated already. Plug in the dongle that´s all.

You should be able to just tell Cubase its already registered (because it is). BUT, you can set up your mysteinberg account and make it officially yours. Just log in to mysteinberg with the email account he gave you or create a new account and register the dongle to your new shinny account. It should have step by step directions on how to do it. Hope this helps.

BTW, you paid quite a bit of money. if you were to upgrade to 6, youre actually paying more than buying it outright. Sorry for pointing this out. You live, you learn.

Could be 400 Hong Kong dollars! That would be a good deal!

I know I payed too much but I ant the sharpest tool in the shed I do it every time they can see me coming a mile off

…Thank you SirJoseph your info got it done, all this time trying to no avail, so I went to my account and entered the register product so you where rite, I didnt need the elicenser at all Thank you for your good knowledge of how to do stuff… YOU DA MAN!!!

Ive got a couple of things you could buy :mrgreen:

Thanks guys - I had a similar problem and your answers have got me up and running! (I paid less than 400!)