Used Monitors Market: WTH?

I can understand TOURING MONITORS having all kinds of scars from constant load-in/load-outs. But studio monitors are supposed to be in a set/forget situation. So how are they ending up with all of these gashes, scratches, holes and pieces of the cabinet actually missing? 😳 All of my monitors look like they did when I unpacked them from the new boxes they came in (and all of those boxes are safe in storage)!

Now, I’m looking for a pair to work together with my existing set up. So, I want the same model. Everything I’m seeing online looks like it’s been through a war. What on earth is happening in these studios to cause this kind of damage?!!?🥺

Most used monitors I saw online were from live audio companies… Studios don’t tend to sell their monitors.

I have two pairs of monitors that are actually not usable, just one piece of every pair has a broken amplifier.
One dropped from a stand in a live audio environment, the other was destroyed from transport in the car.
And both types are available in a newer version, only.
My studio monitors look very new, btw.

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I don’t know many Live Audio Companies using Mackie, Equator or Genelec for road work. I seen ads from a bunch of sites where those brands have been savagely beaten up!

I know many Genelec and some Mackie users in live sound.
I remember Clair had some Genelecs to offer…

What do you need? Mackies?

No, I’m looking for a couple of pair of D5s.