Used quick controls on eq strip amazing

So it was so easy to right click on the lp filter on the channel strip and send it to a quick control. Then it easily learned the knob on my midi controller. I was eqing like the old days and it felt so much better. I wasn’t looking at freaquencies just turning the knob to taste. To my surprise I actually cut less than I normally would have when I do it by eye.

Just think this is an awesome feature.

I like to say thanks to steinberg every once and a while.

+1! :wink:

Yeah +1

I actually remember getting my N12 long ago, and was using it’s channel strips for my Cubase channels.
It is a different experience, it’s like making decisions based only on instinct… because as soon as you choose to use a plug in and rotating on screen, you are already having an idea in your mind, With surface, your mind is focused only on that sound with respect to other sounds, and you stop when your brain feels good, and that’s all. It is completely different.