Used UR 824 Basic Fx Suite license

Hi all, having trouble to register fx suite, i know previous owner registered software and from what i understand it cannot be transferred, opened ticket with steinberg but as usual no reply, what should i do? Halp!

I can’t help (I’ve lost the postcard with the serial numbers, so I can’t use the FX suite myself). But since these FX are tied to the hardware, it would be nice if the serial number could be assigned automatically.


This is a misunderstanding. Please read earlier threads in this forum. There are actually two sets of plugins.

One is based on a DSP chip in the device itself. Since the plugins are hardware based, they are accessible without a license, but may only be applied to the inputs of the device. The channel strip may be recorded with the input signal, the reverb cannot. In Cubase, the plugins are controlled through the input channels in Mix Console. On other DAWs, they are controlled through the dspMixFx app. This version is available only when tracking.

The other is a software-based VST. This version requires a Basic FX Suite license on an e-licenser in order to run. A seller of used hardware needs to transfer the license to the buyer for this to take effect. This means providing the activation code to the buyer if it has never been activated, OR a transfer to the buyer’s elicenser if it has. To receive these, the buyer must insist upon the transfer of this license as part of the sale.

The VST version functions in the same manner as any VST, and is applied wherever a VST Fx plugin may be applied in any DAW. In the VST installation, they bear various names starting with Morphing Channel Strip or REV-X. They are available when mixing.

The plugin control windows for the both VST version and the hardware-based version look and function identically.

Both sets of plugins are installed along with Tools for UR.

I purchased a secondhand UR824 and it either hadn’t been registered before or it had been de-registerd by the previous owner. I registered it in MySteinberg under my own account succesfully. I didn’t have a license for the Basic FX suite so I contacted support and they provided me with a new license for this. I think the registration of the hardware is the key to it. Have you tried doing this in MySteinberg? If not are you able to contact the previous owner? It might be they could de-register the hardware which would allow you to register and then get the FX license. There is an option to delete registration in the Hardware tab of the MySteinberg account.