Used UR-RT4 can still run dspMixFx?

Do you know if I (UR-RT2 original owner) purchased UR-RT4 (used & missing hardware registration code & e-licenser etc… only the audio interface itself and AC adaptor), can I still use dspMixFx on my desktop and hardware dspMixFx features in Cubase with UR-RT4?

There are some resons why I wanna buy UR-RT4;

  1. To reamp my guitar DI, synths or whatever I want with the additional outputs and inputs

  2. To monitor my guitar through dspMixFx amp sim (buffer size can only go as low as 192 samples in my case without any pops & clicks and thus I feel latency and I don’t like to use VST amp sim while tracking)

Another question!

In case the first question turns out impossible, then If I had to switch to other audio interface like MOTU M6. Can I monitor my guitar in REALTIME with this setup?;

DI input 1 > DI to Cubase output 3 > External stompbox > input 2 > Cubase stereo output

I’ve never had an audio interface that comes with more than 3-4 I/O and never had an outboard gear so I cannot prove it myself. If this method works, I’ll probably consider buying other audio interface. Thank you in advance!

Reamping seems so fun! I wanna be able to do these things!