Used UR44 purchase

Hi, I bought a UR44 on eBay to use as an interface, then I read about the internal DSP. It seems that there are licenses needed to use some functions like perhaps the plug-in and I probably am not getting any ‘secret codes’ with this purchase.

Will I be able to send Steinberg/Yamaha the serial number of the interface (when it arrives) and get the necessary codes to fully utilize all that the UR44 can do?

If I cannot access the licenses associated with the UR44, what functions will I be missing?

I also have a MODX which I sometimes use with the USB and I understand I cannot use that and the UR44 at the same time, but will I be able to switch back and forth so some Cubase projects will be for the MODX, some for the UR44, and some with the UR22 that I already have?

I have three laptops, two at home and one at my studio. The main one at home is Win10 only, the backup home laptop has Ubuntu Studio and Win10 (but the Win10 partition stopped working, needs a little fixing) and the one at the studio has Ubuntu Studio and Win7 (not sure about using Cubase on Win7, but it has PreSonus StudioOne2 on it too). I have an E-licenser dongle but I haven’t been using it yet. I wanted to put Cubase LE AI Elements on all three, and carry the dongle around. I had AI 10.5 that came with the MODX, and then I bought Elements 11, but so far it seems like I only have Elements 10.5? Any suggestions on that plan?

PS - I also have a Tascam Model 12. Not sure if that works with Win7 or Cubase?

thanks - PJ

The licenses are not for the internal dsp, of course. You own the device.

The licenses are for VST plugins that duplicate the built in stuff, which you can use in your daw.

Thanks Steve,
It was not entirely clear but you have cleared it up. I presume I will not gain access to this plug-in then? I wouldn’t make plans to use it if that is the case.

Any additional guidance on my three laptop plan? Possible to use the e-Licenser dongle to run Cubase on Win7 with the UR44? Which version of Cubase and the USB driver would I need to do that?

thanks again - PJ