Useful Mac Utility: Cheat Sheet • see your key command options

Greetings all—
Someone made me aware of a great little utility app called “cheat sheet” which is available for free for mac. It allows you to hold down the cmd key and see a pop up of every key command you can enact at that moment, contextualized to whatever app you have in the foreground. It works well with Dorico too.

cheat sheet


Sometimes it can be so easy … Thank you very much! I tried it out successfully right away. Just hold the command button a little longer.

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It’s rather fascinating, because all the programs I use can do wayyyyy more than I ever realized. Dorico is just about the only program where I’ve spent deliberate time and effort learning key commands, so it’s nice to see these other things I can do too.

Dorico’s own Help menu creates a webpage of the key shortcuts, including custom changes.

Is there anything similar for Windows?

Thanks much Romanos401 - this is really great!!

True, but this is universal and ready at the press of a button, even if you aren’t connected to the web.

It’s a local webpage: no internet connection required.

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Thanks a lot Romanos! Very handy tool. :bulb:

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