Useful Software: Touch Portal

I was looking for a solution that offers functionality like “StreamDeck XL” but without having to buy extra hardware (cause I already own an iPad Pro, which I wanted to use for this purpose.) I found an application called “Touch Portal” (Touch Portal - Remote macro control deck for PC and Mac OS for streamers, content creators and other professionals)

It works as expected for me. The company offers a limited free trial version, the full version (Pro) costs only 13,99 € (no subscription).
Just wanted to let you know, cause I had not heard of it before.

Disclaimer: I am not “connected” to the company in any way. :slight_smile:

Interresting, there’s a Dorico screenshot on the web site, but I can’t find how to get icons for Dorico.
Is there a pre configured page or icon set for Dorico ?

I don’t know if these sizes work, but here are my Stream Deck icons. Dropbox - Stream Deck icons - Simplify your life

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thanks Dan

Thanks, Dan!

Interesting. I’ve been waiting for to release version 1.5 of metagrid after I heard John Barron chat about Dorico integration with it. It looks like we have another option now with Touch Portal.