usefull keyboard shortcuts / key commands


for a while i am using some custom key commands, today i was trying to set a key command to cycle up and down through the grid lengths in the editor window but i couldn’t find the description in the list.
anyone has an idea how his function is called in cuibase?

i am pretty sure there are lots of them out there i haven’t thought of but yet are very usefull.
perhaps we can share our own user key commands here.

Whoaa! Now I have no even slightest glue on what you are talking about.

Tried even search “cycle up” and “grid lengths” in C6 manual in case there’s something I’ve missed, but didn’t find anything. Could you please try to tell in a bit less nerdish way, what you’re talking about.

haha okay… i am sorry, my english probably ain’t thait good…
well… i mean i want to change the length of the grid division with a keyboard command, to be able to cycle through the lengths.

for instance if the current grid division is set to 4 notes “+” will make it 8, 16, 32 and so on and pressing “-” will decrease the number.

I have four shortcut keys defined for changing the Quantize value and the Snap-to value, up/down. Would that be what you’re after? Can’t remember if this changes the grid though. Also, not at my DAW so I can’t tell you what the shortcuts are called. Haha, not much use, but hey, it’s Friday and I like to help!


I think it’s one of the “next/previous” pairs of commands that do what you describe.
Use the search function at the top of the Key Commands dialog and type “next” into it.
Then jump through all the “next” hits until you find something useful.
It might even be called “Next Grid Value” … of all things :laughing:


Close enough :wink:
“Select Previous Grid Type”/“Select Next Grid Type”

Yes, Next/Previous rings a bell :slight_smile: Mike.

yes, that’s it! thanks :slight_smile:

any other usefull keycommands anyone?