Useless question regarding onscreen kybd vs. midi keyboard

The included graphic describes the question in an exquisitely beautiful and detailed manner.

Basically -

With data in a Kontakt Instrument Track and 2 linked midi Tracks - The on-screen kybd does not act like my connected midi keyboard.

Futhermore - I’m assuming many of you - are concerned and excited to learn whether I purchased the S-88 Native Instruments Midi Keyboard . Your worries are Over - Yes I did !!!

The greatest thing about that is that I will be able to list my new hardware at the Bottom of my Posts !


By the “on-screen” keyboard, do you mean the one in NI Kontakt, or do you mean Cubase’s On-Screen Keyboard, please?

By the “Track 2”, do you mean the Track 3 (the 2nd MIDI track with MIDI Channel 2) or really the Track 2 (the 1st MIDI track with MIDI Channel 1)?

Am I right, in Kontakt, you use different MIDI Channels? For Alicia’s, you use MIDI Ch 1 and for the Ethereal, you use MIDI Ch 2, right?

I think i mis-labeled the original graphic - this graphic should be better .
I meant the kontakt onscreen keyboard
Yes track 2 alicia’s keys is midi channel 1
And ethereal earth is on midi channel 2
As the graphic shows
If i select track 2 and hit a key on the NI kybd … alicia’s keys plays the data in the master
If I select track 3 and hit a key on the Ni Kybed … Alicia’s keys STILL PLAYS

But if I hit a key on my connected good for nothing yahmaha mm6 keyboard while Track 3 is selected …THEN … ethereal EArth plays.

I consider the kontakt instrument track to be the ‘master’ . There is midi data in that Track .

It looks like even if i select track 3 in the cubase window and play the NI kybd …it will only play what’s on midi Channel 1 … only option is to go into Kontakt and set Track 3 to play on midi channel 1 also … then both alicia keys and ethereal earth will play what is in the master kontakt track .

By the way I cannot get the onboard sounds on the MM6 to record in a cubase Track . Called cubase tech support and they just said it must be broken.


As far as I remember, the NI Kontakt virtual keyboard always sends the MIDI data at MIDI Channel 1. That’s the reason.

Thank you for your Answer …
The answer is–" that’s the way it works "
That’s what I needed to know.

I do appreciate your answers.